Reflection of Lesson Plans

  • What you know about your students’ prior knowledge and conceptions (either a real class, one I gave you, or a hypothetical example)?
    • The class that I am making the lesson plan better for is a 2nd grade class. They are in Gresham, OR. There class is mostly ESL students and low income. There are students on IEP. As a class they are behind and do not have to much background knowledge on math vocabulary. They have worked with Ipads before and also computers.
  • How you can integrate the ISTE-S standards into your lesson?
    • I can integrate technology by having students make a short video about money or maybe they can research something about money.
  • The parts of a lesson objective (learning target)?
    • I want to teach students how to work with money. I also want to hit a technology standard and English standard.
  • How you might assess student learning?
    • I will be making a rubric from Rubistar. This will help me evaluate my students.
  • What kinds of instructional strategies are most appropriate to the task?
    • I think that stations will be great for teaching students how to work with money. I will be able to use fun money websites in small groups like ABCYA. They will be able to play games as well as do paper and pencil story problems at stations.
  • How you might differentiate your lesson for your students?
    • By having different stations I will be allowing my students to learn in many different ways. This will help my target stations to a specific group of students.
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2 Responses to Reflection of Lesson Plans

  1. rvelazquez15 says:

    Some of this helped me figure out some parts I was stuck on, so thanks!


  2. wenzelm says:

    Way to help a classmate! Thanks for your positive attitude and insightful participation this term, Jessica. Best of luck to you in the future!


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