Helpful links

Helpful links for creating videos

Jing Project

We Video


Go Animate


Common Core

15 Sites Building and Promoting Educational PBL Communities… Across School and Around the Globe

Donors Choose

Teachers Pay Teachers


In my classroom I can use video creation by having students solve a math problem on camera. They can explain the steps in a video. For blogs I do not see much use in a math classroom. I can see them as a good place where maybe they can explain what they learned today and maybe write down some questions they have. That way students can help them answer their questions or I can read there summary of what they learned and find out what they are missing. Lastly I can use podcasting as a way for students to explain a math process. For example how they find an angle to a triangle.

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  1. rvelazquez15 says:

    These are some good links.


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