Sexting and Relationships

Ms. Penland starts the lesson by explain how this is a sensitive topic and they need be mature about the topic. She then goes on to asking questions and having the students write down their answers on their ipad. From there she goes on to show a video from MTV, which relates to the topic. Lastly she talks about how to handle the situation. I thought it was a very effective lesson. The students looked engaged. It is helpful to have students put it in their own words because they think about “how would I say it”. The students relate the topic to their own life and really understand the concept. Putting it in their own words helps them recall the vocabulary better Ipads were used in an effective way because all students were able to share their answer to the questions. The students were able to write it down on the ipad and then hold it up in the air. This allowed some students who would no always share a chance to.

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