Week 3 Blog Post

Article 1

  1.  Can we define what it means to be information literate?

Yes I believe we can define what it means. It means that you are able to locate and evaluate information effectively.

  1.  Can we teach our students to have the skills essential to information literacy?

I believe that we can teach our students to have the necessary skills. I think that is our job as educators to constantly reinforce how to sort through articles and find out what information is reliable. I think that is a very important aspect to life.

  1.  Can we truly prepare students to be effective users of the most powerful medium?

I think that we can prepare students with the tools but it is their choice wither they will listen or not. I think that teachers can teach students the tools to solve a math equation but does not mean that they are actually going to use them. This is the same with technology. We can give them the tools they need but it is up the student if they want to be effective users.

Article 2

  1. What elements were you already aware of?  Which elements were you not aware of?

I was already aware of most of these elements. When I was in high school I had a teacher give us a hand out on how to make a good Power Point presentation. Most of these tips were on there for example “Going visual” and “empty space”. I did learn some new tips like “Grids and the rule of thirds” and also “Text within images”. I really enjoyed looking at the examples and expanding my knowledge on Power Point presentations.

  1.  How can you incorporate this into your own work and that of your students?  Why is it important?

I have always been told that less is more on a presentation visual. The teachers I had in high school encouraged students to not have very many words on their presentation and not very many note cards. They talked about how if you go into a meeting at work and are presenting it would look bad if you were just reading your slides or your notes. It looks unprofessional and shows that you do not know what you are talking about. I think when you do a presentation you should really know what you are presenting about. You should feel confident in the information you researched that you can do a speech with out reading the power point. This is important for student’s future when they need to present something.

  1.  How do the Power Points that you have created over the years fit (or not fit) with these design principles?

I would say that I try and follow most of these rules. I know that it is important to have visuals and also have not a lot of words on the slide. Another tip I follow is that you want less on each slide so they really understand your main point for each slide. I really like the quotes and text on the picture; I have not tried that yet.

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3 Responses to Week 3 Blog Post

  1. karlcurt says:

    I really like how concise you were throughout. I like when you said “We can give them the tools they need but it is up the student if they want to be effective users.” I completely with that statement, and how it is necessary to give the tools the students need, but we cannot expect them to use them.


  2. rvelazquez15 says:

    I like your stance on Article 1, especially on question 3. I too share a similar view on that idea.


  3. wenzelm says:

    It sounds like your HS teachers did a nice job preparing you to deliver effective presentations! I look forward to seeing your Pecha Kucha. To make your postings even better, I would encourage you to add resources in the form of hyperlinks to supporting evidence, your readings, and other Web 2.0 tools you might use in your classroom someday.


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