Digital Natives in the Classroom

ISTE standards

In recent discussions of technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether teachers (digital immigrants) are able to teach to students (digital natives).  On the one hand, some argue that there is not need to teach differently.  From this perspective, it is believed that students do not need to be taught using technology.  On the other hand, however, others argue that technology is necessary in the classroom.  According to this view, it is believed that technology is an entirely new language that teachers must teach too.  In sum then, the issues is whether technology should or should not be used in the classroom.

My own view is that technology is a new language that needs to be taught to students (digital natives).  Though I concede that it is very hard for teachers (digital immigrants) to teach using technology because they speak a out of date language. I still maintain that it is very necessary for teachers to learn how to use technology effectively in the classroom.  For example, teachers (digital immigrants) need to learn how to find educational videos that will help a student understand the information better.    Although some might object that students are not developing necessary skills, I would reply that the necessary skills of today have changed. Technology is the future and students (digital natives) already use it in a more effective way than teachers think.  The issue is important because learners are not the same as they have always been. The student of today speak a language called technology.

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2 Responses to Digital Natives in the Classroom

  1. libbybonn says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that it can be harder for current teachers to teach anything technology that they are not used to teaching. I would probably be concerned about being this kind of teacher but I think it is important to teach in the technology language that you mentioned since the students are digital natives.


  2. wenzelm says:

    Using the They Say/I Say template allows your readers to better engage in your ideas- nice work. Do you think the debate is over a complete ban of educational technology in the classroom, or is the debate over the level to which ed tech is integrated into the classroom. Is it even possible to have a classroom devoid of ed tech?


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