Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions of technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether kids should use technology in the classroom.  On the one hand, some argue that technology is a distraction to kids.  From this perspective, people argue that students get distracted by social media and texts messages or get lost in the world of their video games.  On the other hand, however, others argue that technology is the future and schools need to change.  According to this view, children grow to dislike school and become disengaged because they are not able to use technology.  In conclusion, the issue is whether technology should or should not be used in schools.

My own view is that kids should be encouraged to use technology in the classroom.  Though I concede that technology is a distraction to some students, I still maintain that it should be used in the classroom to further education.  For example, as Kathy Cassidy said in an article she posted on her blog Long ago, listening to books on a cassette tape became listening to books on a CD. Now, there are online books and apps that do a much better job of this, highlighting the words as they are read aloud”. Another example of technology bettering education is, how students are able to create short videos about a book they just read to show how they understood the setting and the plot. Although some might object that technology is a distraction, I would reply that kids are around technology all the time. It is a tool for them to use. As the article “Turning on the lights” says The world is no longer a dark, unknown place for today’s school kids. Kids are not intellectually empty.”  Kids have learned many things wither it be playing video games or watching television shows; students are learning information outside of school. The issue is important because technology is the future. Students need to learn how to use technology for educational purpose. They need to learn how to narrow down searches on the Internet or how to use YouTube to find a video to help them with math.

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2 Responses to Introductory Concepts

  1. rvelazquez15 says:

    I like how your last sentence gave different ways technology could be used in a math classroom setting.


  2. wenzelm says:

    I like your organization of your posting- you appear to have followed the template closely to craft an introduction to an academic argument This creates a nicely supported academic conversation, where you are engaged with other people’s views and respond with your own. You should follow this format whenever you enter academic discourse- ie. “they say, I say.” When done correctly, the format gives a very well organized, well-supported, and well written argument. Feels good, doesn’t it?


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